Fear mongering a concern

Years ago I was phoned from a garage by a woman who was very upset. She had taken her car in for an oil change and was told that it was not safe to drive. The repairs would be about $2000. I knew that her car was reasonably new so I went over to see… Read More ›

Some Assembly

By the time you read this article, Christmas will be over. Some things will remain, some won’t. Those that don’t remain are the batteries that did not come with the gift in the first place and because you had to buy them at the corner store they only lasted a few hours. The thing that… Read More ›

Christmas reborn

A first blog on a new website and Christmas is coming. If I put those thoughts together it could sound like the beginning of a bad joke. Hopefully what I write isn’t a bad joke although I am sure that at times you will hope for a punch line. There is a similarity between these… Read More ›