Christmas reborn

A first blog on a new website and Christmas is coming. If I put those thoughts together it could sound like the beginning of a bad joke.

Hopefully what I write isn’t a bad joke although I am sure that at times you will hope for a punch line.

There is a similarity between these two seemingly remote ideas. It can be summed up in the word “new”.

When the idea of computers, websites, etc., was introduced there was great resistance by many. For some it was the dawning of a new era and great possibilities. It represented new ways to search out and view the world. For others it was a threat to all they had learned.“Why do we need something new?” was often the cry.

That similarity extends to Christmas and the present day churches as well.The birth of Christ represented a new and in some ways different understanding of God. The established church of the day was being challenged. The church of today is being challenged. In recent years there has been tremendous change and challenge to the traditional understanding of God and Jesus.

In the Churchill and Gilford churches we no longer subscribe to a fear-based religion but rather a love-based one that welcomes all. As we welcome Christ at this Christmas time let us also welcome the opportunity to search out old and new meanings of our church and our faith.

Merry Christmas, Glen