History of the United Church of Canada

1925 newspaper headlineThe United Church was formed in 1925 by a merger of four Christian denominations: the Presbyterian Church in Canada, the Methodist Church of Canada, the Congregational Union of Ontario and Quebec and the Association of Local Churches, a predominantly prairie-based movement. 
Two-thirds of Canada’s Presbyterians joined the new United Church and the other three churches joined as a whole. The new, made-in-Canada church was recognized by an act of Parliament.

It was felt that bringing churches together could better serve the communities. Since then other denominations have also joined. The United Church is the largest Protestant Church in Canada, with 500,000 members in  3,400 congregations.

United Church congregations range from moderately conservative to very liberal.  The church has always focused on social justice and has dealt with issues of education, equality, minority rights, medicare and outreach to the wider Christian church, other faiths and the community. It has ordained women ministers since the early 1930’s and people of all races, creeds and orientations are welcome to be a part of this ministry. Our church has street ministries and a variety of projects in other countries where it works with local organizations.