Fear mongering a concern

posterboyYears ago I was phoned from a garage by a woman who was very upset. She had taken her car in for an oil change and was told that it was not safe to drive. The repairs would be about $2000.

I knew that her car was reasonably new so I went over to see what the problem was.

This shop was part of a chain. The man in the front office explained that her transmission was about to fall out of the car. I requested to see it.

After much angry hesitation he showed me the defect. It was a slightly worn rubber grommet, through which a wire was running. It had nothing to do with the transmission and was in no way unsafe.

As I left the premises, after explaining my disgust at their attempt to rip off an older woman, the man turned to her and said: “Well, I guess if your minister doesn’t care if your transmission falls out and you are pole-vaulted to your death on the 401, why should I care?

He tried desperately to instill fear in her so he could control her.

We are seeing the same tactic being employed more and more by all avenues of life. Advertisers tell you to be afraid of home invaders and broken sidewalks, etc.

But the major concern I have is the emphasis lately to be afraid of other races and religions. We hear the word “terrorist” more and more. The more we become afraid the more we can be controlled.

Christ calls us to love our enemies and overcome fear with love. Christ calls us to be individuals and think for ourselves. Christ calls us to “Be Not Afraid”.

It is a challenge but it is the only way to raise ourselves and others to an abundant life.