About Us

We’re welcoming congregations

At Gilford and Churchill United Churches, with our Minister’s open acceptance and guidance, we are given the opportunity to understand the Bible and to learn how it may be personally relevant — to explore what faith means personally. We are free to ask questions and receive in return, answers or ideas for our own consideration. We are not about “saving” or “judging”. We are a group of neighbours who are exploring the spiritual side of life. If you are a person for whom “religion” has lost meaning but you still have an interest and a curiosity in spirituality and faith, then you will feel at home here. We are friendly and supportive churches, of one another and the community beyond our doors.

Our Minister

rev. glen eagle

Reverend Glen Eagle has been a United Church minister since 1979 when he was ordained in Toronto Conference. His ministry over the years has taken him to western Canada and back to his roots in Ontario. Glen, his wife Wendy and son Tyler have been delightfully located at the Gilford-Churchill United Church Pastoral Charge since March 2007.

Reverend Eagle has a deep spiritual faith that he articulates exceptionally well from the pulpit each Sunday morning. He encourages questions and asks people to decide for themselves about their personal faith. He is busy during the week with pastoral visits, counselling, and assisting those experiencing life difficulties or questioning their faith. He leads a weekly bible study group for interested persons.

Reverend Eagle is always available for weddings and funerals for anyone in need, of any faith, inside or outside of church circles. For Glen, it is the people who are important, not whether or not they attend a church.

Glen is a warm and humour-driven individual, inspirational with his love for life. He is the father and step-father of six, while additionally “owned” by two dogs and many horses. Among many other things, Glen has an active love for social-justice, writing, playing guitar, woodworking, and using his motorcycle whenever weather allows.