Sermon for 15 June 2021

This is the 96th Anniversary of the United Church of Canada. The national church has supplied a worship service to commemorate the date. Note the comments and the link.
Here’s the link to the 96th anniversary service of the United Church of Canada:

It’s a long service — one hour and 20 minutes. It starts with a 16-minute prelude of hymns in different styles, five pieces in all.

Moderator Richard Bott conducts the service and puts an emphasis on truth & reconciliation with indigenous people with a big mea culpa for the UC’s involvement in residential schools.

Assisting him are Alydia Smith from the General Council office, Franklyn James of B.C., Darla Sloan of Quebec City and Mitchell Anderson from Saskatoon.

There are hymns throughout provided by four singers, a guitarist, bass player and pianist from Nova Scotia.

The service concludes with a rousing two-minute organ postlude.

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