Sermon for 18 Oct 2020

Sermon To Question is the Answer. A few years ago I decided I should write a song about taxes. The first verse and actually as far as I got is: “If 10% is good enough for the work that our Lord must do then 10% should be good enough for Canada Revenue” So far I… Read More ›

Sermon for 11 Oct 2020

Sermon Thanksgiving and Ownership When you take ownership you accept responsibility and you realize the immensity of the gift There comes a point in your life where you take ownership of the tools. Whether this is the kitchen tools, the workshop tools, the gardening tools, the farming tools, the office tools: whatever it is, they… Read More ›

Sermon for 04 October 2020

Sermon Together the Flame burns Brighter Today is World Wide Communion Sunday. It was started in 1933 by Hugh Thomson Kerr who ministered in the Shadyside Presbyterian Church in the USA. The idea was to bring Christians together in unity despite their different denominations It has grown into an international event. It brings together… Read More ›

Sermon for 27 Sept 2020

Sermon Life out of Something Lifeless The oxford dictionary included the term “First World Problems in 2012 It is listed as a relatively minor or trivial problem in contrast with the issues facing the rest of the world. Like the heel on your high-heel shoes breaking. (I have never had that problem) Weird Al Yankovic… Read More ›

Sermon for 20 Sept 2020

Sermon Equal Pay for Unequal Work Or Unequal Pay for Equal Work? First story is about a cabbie and a minister, who both die at the same time and end up at the door of heaven. Peter welcomes them and then asks “What have you done for God”. The minister is very proud of the… Read More ›

Sermon on Forgiveness for 13 Sept

Sermon on Forgiveness A little boy said he had learned a lot about God. He used to pray every night for a bicycle but then realised that God doesn’t work that way so he just stole one and is praying for forgiveness. The topic today is forgiveness.It is definitely one of those topics that… Read More ›

Sermon from the Corn Roast

Sermon New Roads  John 3: 3 – Unless you are born again you will not see the kingdom of God I start with the old expression of  “Two roads diverged in the woods and I took the one less travelled”. But I add in the more profound ending. “Now I don’t know where the heck… Read More ›

Sermon for 09 August 2020

Better than Walking on Water A long time ago, when I was young and foolish, ( One of those has changed) I used to go to a cottage on a lake. There was no internet or even TV. We didn’t even have running water. It was a cottage and we had to find things… Read More ›

Sermon for 02 August 2020

Sermon Fred’s Miracle Picnic Well good morning. My name is Fred. Sometimes I fill in for your regular preacher. I am here because he got one of those Covid tests last week and he hasn’t been able to think straight since. I think they went too deep and maybe affected the brain. The reason… Read More ›

Sermon for 26 July 2020

Sermon 901 The Earthly Kingdom in Five Jesus was very enthusiastic about his vision. He was very excited about his solution for the world’s problems. If you know the story of Archimedes, he was a Greek mathematician, who was trying to figure out how to measure volume. He stepped into a tub of water… Read More ›