Sermon for 17 Jan 2021

Sermon: Philip and Nathaniel Not everyone is famous or memorable. Do you recognize these names from the time of Jesus? Zadok the Judge?, Dee-bir the tent Cleaner? Gumi the candy maker?, Lowtan the awning maker? Jael the prison guard? Ido the wedding coordinator? Orr-in the rower? Humphrey from the Cheap Rent-a-Camel? Of course you… Read More ›

Sermon for 10 January 2021

Immersion We talk about new starts all the time. One of the trends is de-cluttering- to get rid of some of the old stuff around the house. (Here I am just talking about material possessions not human beings) I recently heard of a unique way to do that -after the pandemic When you are invited… Read More ›

Sermon for 03 January 2021

Sermon The Journey Today is January 3. We are far enough past New Years to know which resolutions really aren’t going to work for you this year. It didn’t take long. It is also only 3 days until we have the celebration of Epiphany. That is traditionally the day when it is permissible to take… Read More ›

Sermon for 27 Dec 2020

FRED says “The Baby’s Awful Quiet” Happy the day after, the day after Christmas. I understand that you have Advent before Christmas so this must be De-vent – which is pretty close to deviant and that is why I am here. My name is Fred. Today I had an epiphany. Some of you might know… Read More ›

Sermon for 20 Dec 2020

Sermon Who will build God’s house Everyone says churches are losing members but right now we are having to turn people away. When was the last time that happened? This covid pandemic is affecting pretty much everything. We are reassessing the world we live in. But many things were changing anyway. Many churches were struggling… Read More ›

Sermon for 13 Dec 2020

Sermon Spirit Guide Have you ever been obsessed with something? Doesn’t matter what it is the reaction is the same. If you are infatuated with another person you track their every movement. You listen to what they say and you try to memorize every detail. You also don’t care that you have spent a lot… Read More ›

Sermon for 06 Dec 2020

THE TOUCH OF GOD Isa 40:3-8 I ran across an article by a man named James Fallow. He was a correspondent for the Atlantic Monthly. He says that the North American culture sends out a confusing message about Christmas. He was visiting a department store in Japan a few years ago and he found Santa… Read More ›

Sermon for 29 Nov 2020

HOPELESS PREDICTIONS Mark 13: 24-37 Some of you will remember Roy Bonisteel. He started in a show called Checkpoint which was a national TV Show produced by the United Church and went on to be the anchor at Man Alive which was a CBC talkshow. In one of his stories he relates that he saw… Read More ›

Sermon for 22 Nov 2020

Sermon – Enlightenment and Wisdom Paul says: I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope. I like to fact check. I like to check and see if the information someone states is actually true. It is not that easy in today’s world but it… Read More ›

Sermon for 15 Nov 2020

Using your Talents in the best Way – Service for Nov 15 – without video As you get older you tend to forget things -now where was I going on that? Oh ya. One of the advantages is that you have forgotten some of the things that you once thought you could, do so you… Read More ›