Sermon for 09 August 2020

Better than Walking on Water A long time ago, when I was young and foolish, ( One of those has changed) I used to go to a cottage on a lake. There was no internet or even TV. We didn’t even have running water. It was a cottage and we had to find things… Read More ›

Sermon for 02 August 2020

Sermon Fred’s Miracle Picnic Well good morning. My name is Fred. Sometimes I fill in for your regular preacher. I am here because he got one of those Covid tests last week and he hasn’t been able to think straight since. I think they went too deep and maybe affected the brain. The reason… Read More ›

Sermon for 26 July 2020

Sermon 901 The Earthly Kingdom in Five Jesus was very enthusiastic about his vision. He was very excited about his solution for the world’s problems. If you know the story of Archimedes, he was a Greek mathematician, who was trying to figure out how to measure volume. He stepped into a tub of water… Read More ›

Sermon for 19 July 2020

Jacob’s Dream July 19 Have you ever met someone and thought “You’re so dishonest, you would steal from yourself if you didn’t think you’d get caught” The story today is about Jacob and he fits the bill Jacob was the grandson of Abraham and Sarah. Abraham had two sons by two women. The son’s… Read More ›

Sermon 12 July 2020

Sermon – Levels of Openness Today we celebrate communion. Aside from all the faith benefits, some people like it because the sermon is shorter. If you ask anyone if they have a sense of humour they will tell you yes. If you ask people around them the answer may not be in the affirmative…. Read More ›

Sermon 05 July 2020

Sermon 899 July 5, 2020 service July 5, 2020 service I read recently a story similar to the one I about to tell and it reminded me of this one, so I start with this story. A daughter came home and fearfully announced to her mother that she had dented the car. She was expecting… Read More ›

Sermon  28 June 2020

Sermon  Different Ways of Faith June 28, 2020 service   June 28, 2020 service       A few weeks ago I asked if anyone had a suggestion for a sermon topic One of the responses was “Why are there so many different denominations in the Christian faith? Shouldn’t they all be one”. So that… Read More ›

Sermon 897 21 June 2020

Sermon 897 Why Christians Should Protest Today I am talking about why Christians should protest and also it is Father’s day so I share this; about a picture I saw recently about a dad during a protest rally. He was holding up a large hollow tube. His sign read “This is the last straw”… Read More ›

Church Givings

I know that as you watch the video, the one thing you really miss is the collection of the offering – I think the treasurers miss it too. So here is your chance to get involved. Thanks The traditional way is to send a cheque via mail to one of the treasurers. Make the cheque… Read More ›